SEKO’s Home Delivery Service is your most reliable and cost-effective option for delivery of eCommerce orders, high value goods or even heavyweight and oversized products - featuring final mile tracking and time definite appointments, complete with additional services such as set up, trash removal, threshold delivery and more.

Home Delivery Services

SEKO treats all consumers to an elite final mile service, from the moment an item is loaded onto one of our lorries to when our drivers close the door after a successful installation. Our Home Delivery service includes room of choice delivery, unpacking of products and installation, as well as trash removal during residential home deliveries.

We have been providing heavyweight and LTL home delivery services in the United States since 1991, and now over 60% of our domestic deliveries in the United States fall into this category. We create value through our award-winning technology and customer communications, coupled with our industry expertise and our extensive network of SEKO offices, trucks and agents.

Our Network Operations team actively monitors each leg of shipment movement, to ensure optimal transit from the time of pickup through to final mile delivery. Our focus on consistent performance at high standards of operation and adherence to internally established metrics is of paramount importance. Client-specific SOPs are formalized network-wide, to make sure that specified protocols are adhered to, with on-site training for all driver teams.

It Couldn't be Easier

Home Delivery offers appointment deliveries and an exclusive Interactive Voice Response system to alert consumers to incoming deliveries. We also operate a closed loop linehaul system that keeps consumer freight from being co-mingled with freight to other destinations, leading to a quick and efficient final mile experience. Our delivery network is experienced in providing special handling for your high value, sensitive shipments, and is flexible enough to handle oversized deliveries such as furniture and big-screen TVs, or even pallets or other bulk merchandise. We also offer product return programs.

Because SEKO is a non asset based linehaul carrier and final mile transportation and logistics provider we’re not locked in to rigid schedules, so shipments go where you want, when you want. And because our customer service center is manned 24/7, you can be sure your deliveries are being monitored around the clock, and you can even track and trace them in real time online as well. It’s all part of our goal to be the number one Home Delivery provider in the world.

Three Different Service Levels

  • White Glove – room of choice delivery, unpack and trash removal
  • Threshold – delivery inside the main entrance of the residence
  • Standard – delivery to the first dry area outside the residence

Each level can be customized to create a Home Delivery solution that meets your needs. Click here to read more about our White Glove Service.



"Previously, we had delays in shipments and also problems with damage. But after we started working with SEKO we didn’t have a damage claim for over six months. We get on time deliveries, and SEKO cut down on the damage to less than 1% from 15% or more before."

MySEKO Keeps You in the Know

Our easy to use online transportation and logistics solution, MySEKO, offers reporting in real time, providing all manner of information on hundreds of thousands of shipments for whatever date range you choose. With MySEKO, we can integrate with your eCommerce storefront or even develop one for you, as well as installing hot links or embedding tracking information. And with MySEKO, return logistics is literally as simple as clicking a mouse. In short, we can constantly improve your web applications to enhance your supply chain visibility for your home delivery customers even further.

Proactive Communication Reduces Customer Returns

Our Interactive Voice Response system lets your customers know when their goods have arrived at the SEKO destination station. By alerting them in a timely fashion, the IVR lowers the number of returns by reducing the window for ‘buyer’s remorse’. This automated system calls customers, usually between 1 and 2pm local time, and leaves a voicemail message to let them know that their goods have arrived - giving them a number to call to set up the delivery appointment. If the customer picks up the phone, then the IVR can either give them the number to call or connect them with the local SEKO office to make a delivery appointment through the final mile carrier.

Online Scheduling for Maximum Convenience

We have also launched a website where your customers can schedule their delivery appointments online, in most major markets. They will be given multiple options based on their address, and on preferred delivery times as directed by you.


Everything we do is focused on making our customers' lives easier and helping them to develop and maintain excellent relationships with their own customers.

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