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Our Warehousing and Order Fulfillment services provide you with a 'pay as you go' business model, fully supported by SEKO’s logistics management expertise and web-based technology.

Multi-User Logistics Facilities

We can provide shared warehouse solutions in as many as 40 countries worldwide. This means that you can benefit from the economies of scale of our multi-user logistics sites, because you only pay for the space you use from one month to the next. Many of our clients ask us to replicate the processes of an existing facility already run by them in another country as part of their Global expansion strategy. We are experts at managing projects of this type, and such is our reach that we can rapidly provide multi-channel logistics solutions almost anywhere in the world, with careful project management.

Contract Logistics

SEKO also offers dedicated site solutions on a contract logistics basis. We can provide as much consultation and project management as necessary to ensure your exclusive logistics operation is designed professionally to meet your business requirements, in the right location(s), and operated the way you want. All of this is done within the parameters of your budget and in alignment with your goals, on a win/win supplier/partner basis. 

This enables you to reinvest the working capital that would otherwise have been consumed through real estate costs, personnel resources and other costs associated with the burden of running your own operation - so you can concentrate on building your business. SEKO’s contract logistics services include product launches, manufacturing (light assembly) pick and pack, gift wrapping, eCommerce, order receipt and fulfillment, inventory, replenishment and management of suppliers and clients. 

eCommerce Fulfillment

Through our extensive network of over 120 offices in 40 countries, we can provide multi-regional inventory stocking locations - enabling you to offer a local delivery experience and service without the cost infrastructure and burden of your own operation, so that you can concentrate on your international web sales strategy. For instance, many of our clients like us to hold stock for them at satellite facilities in Asia, Europe and the United States. These satellite hubs pull stock from a master location - which can be a SEKO facility or the client’s - and provide cost-effective storage and delivery solution for web and catalog purchases, to homes and businesses across the world.

Watch the video below to learn more about our value-added services.

Reverse Logistics 

We handle everything from standard returns and warranties, right through to FDA medical returns, hazardous materials disposal, asset recovery and more. In short, we make returns management the simplest part of your job.

Global Stock Visibility

Our 24/7 client service centers use our state-of the-art technology suite, MySEKO, to monitor shipments for you. As part of this solution, you can also track and trace your sales orders online in real time, see all of your stock centrally, place sales orders manually if you need to, and provide instructions to relocate product as required. This means total logistics management of your supply chain, orders and fulfillment.


With SEKO MedTec, we have developed a highly specialized solution which is focused exclusively for the medical, technology and retail industries. SEKO MedTec provides dedicated program management for demonstration equipment, finished goods and returns, as well as contract logistics and fulfillment services. Our engineering, transportation and software expertise is backed up by our control towers, knowledgeable staff and dedicated clean rooms and facilities.


Asset Management

When you have demonstration equipment, trade show displays or other reusable, high value parts moving around the world, you still need to manage and measure those assets as if they were stocked inventory sitting in your warehouse. Our Asset Management services give you the ability to track all of your valuable inventory in the field using our mobile WMS or Asset Management technology.



SEKO has expanded its global gateway in Chicago, following its acquisition in January of GoodShip International, the Chicago-headquartered customs broker and freight forwarder. 

"Our partnership with SEKO is one of the reasons why the UK is now our fastest-growing region. They’ve not only delivered everything they promised, they’re continuously looking to improve service and efficiency, and their technology gives us the total visibility we need to manage such a large product range and customer base. We have a great working relationship."

Lucy Isherwood Senior Operations Manager, Birchbox

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