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Our entire architecture is designed with you in mind, creating a frictionless experience to quickly deploy and evolve configurable technology solutions around your changing requirements – including new and diversified suppliers, plus new sales channels and countries.

The term ‘digital freight forwarder’ has become the latest buzz-phrase, but the way we look at it, this is really nothing new. The manual processes which were previously involved when managing Global logistics have been replaced with a faster and more efficient ‘digital’ approach, but the core knowledge and experience of our people - and how we use that technology - is still the most important factor.

We’ve integrated with a growing list of new platforms, TMS systems and carriers, to enable this frictionless experience for you. The infographic below gives some specific examples of how we’ve helped clients in specific areas of our business – and during this time, we’ve also developed our own specialist software technology, based on years of real-world experience.

Each of our clients has now come to rely on this technology across every aspect of their business, to ensure that they deliver for their customers. Our solutions can become the constant pulse of your operations as well, giving you true visibility of your entire supply and demand chains - all supported by the creative technology teams in the USA, UK and Australia which really set SEKO apart.


  • Branded tracking to link your shipments to your website
  • Last mile technology to enhance the delivery experience
  • Direct links to platforms like Shopify to quickly scale up operations



  • Asset Management technology to track your consignment inventory
  • Demo Management to allow your sales reps to schedule and allocate available inventory quickly for your high tech sales process


  • Purchase order management system to give you the upstream visibility you  need to better manage your offshore vendors and deadlines
  • Shipment tracking, reporting, calendars and automated  status notifications of your global air and ocean shipments as well as ground and transborder cargo
CTO Interview

“SEKO’s been a digital freight forwarder for years and remains a digital freight forwarder. Our leading technology has been recognised by independent publications, by our customers, and the bottom line speaks for itself, the results are there.

Mike Powell - Chief Technology Officer

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