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Asset Management

Our asset management technology and services give you the ability to track all of your valuable inventory in the field using our mobile WMS or Asset Management technology.

Data Integration

Our Data Integration services provide the flexibility to custom-tailor our technology to your existing Enterprise Resource Planning and logistics IT systems and processes.

eCommerce Solutions

We help retailers to set up and deploy complete turnkey eCommerce solutions that replace their legacy and standalone operations, increasing revenues while also driving down costs. 

GPS Solutions

A high visibility transportation program which provides real-time shipment location and status information for companies that require secure chain-of-command custody




MySEKO has been developed in-house - a unique service offering and a truly configurable solution which will improve processes, reduce workloads and increase margin opportunity.

PO Management

SEKO’s Purchase Order Management is a user-friendly system that provides real time control and processing of sales and purchase transactions, no matter what their status. 


SEKO’s Transportation Management System (TMS) is a fully configurable application that manages three key transportation processes - via air, ocean and ground.


SEKO’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) enables you to reduce transportation costs, transit-time and turn-time, and avoids shipment overlap.

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Chief Operating Officer Mike Powell talks about our award-winning MySEKO technology, and how the data it provides can help our customers to make decisions that will transform their businesses.

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