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When something needs to be shipped quickly, efficiently and correctly, many of our clients often say “Just SEKO it!”. But why is that? They choose us because once we have your shipment, we own it - we touch it from end-to-end and efficiently facilitate anything you need.

At no added cost, you receive our award-winning transportation services, compliance expertise, 24/7 support and MySEKO - our in-house developed track and trace portal to track and manage your domestic and international transportation.

Our Value-Added Freight Forwarding Services ensure that your valuable cargo is delivered securely, efficiently and on time - transported from supplier to customer in style.

The key benefits of our service include:

  • Consistent customer experience - the same stylish experience across web, mobile and retail channels
  • Connectivity - all parts of your eCommerce system communicate seamlessly
  • Visibility - track inventory and availability in real-time
  • Flexibility - dynamically schedule deliveries and select shipment methods
  • Delivery - direct to your customer, with integrated back-end tracking and reporting
  • Seamless internal integration - online orders and returns can be managed alongside existing retail channels



We provide complete NVOCC and full service Ocean Freight Forwarding FCL/LCL solutions for Global trade, including:

  • Leveraging our Global network buying power via centralized procurement on trade lanes
  • Provision of multi-carrier options and sailings, as well as booking, equipment and allocation management
  • Full service documentation and import/export clearance including VGM, AMS, ISF, Certificate of Origin, Letter of Credit and Consulate and Notary Services
  • Full service drayage options and multi-level/expedited service options to optimize transit times
  • Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) registered and licensed NVOCC and freight forwarder
  • Complete online visibility of shipment lifecycle and critical milestones via MySEKO
  • Contract management for BCO direct service contracts



Sometimes next day service just isn’t fast enough. Maybe you have a last minute order, or a customer needs a replacement part for an assembly line that’s down, or maybe ‘same day’ is simply the nature of your market? For situations like these, or any other unforeseen emergency, we offer SEKO Next Flight Out - a time critical service.

The SEKO Next Flight Out service is available for shipments of any size, large and small. There are no weight restrictions, and we can even do the packing for you if you need us to. So for those international shipping requirements that just can't wait, or Global deliveries of stock, parts, consumables and supplies - SEKO can quote for the following windows:

  • Expedited cargo and project cargo

  • Aircraft on Ground/AOG

  • Next Flight Out/NFO

  • International and domestic

  • Customs brokerage

  • 24/7/365 service

  • Air charters

  • Oversized shipments

  • Express (1 to 2 days)

  • Standard (3 to 5 days)

  • Economy (5 to 7 days) charter


    • Extensive footprint throughout China/Hong Kong with several consolidation locations in key primary and secondary port locations
    • Origin consolidation network available in key Asia markets throughout Bangladesh, India, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, China, Thailand and Vietnam
    • Full Suite on PO Management and Buyers Consolidation Facilities throughout Asia
    • Regular LCL consolidation services ex China base port to USA / EU weekly
    • Complete online visibility of shipment lifecycle via our award-winning MySEKO technology
    • KPI driven buyer’s consolidation at origins in Asia, to ensure optimized transportation costs



  • Extensive footprint though North America, with key deconsolidation service center capabilities in Charleston, Savannah and Los Angeles, as well as other key markets in the USA
  • Complete deconsolidation services including labeling, packaging, crating, drayage/haulage to and from the domestic distribution network, shipment processing and drop shipments
  • Inventory management, retail compliance and quality control
  • EDI and eCommerce fulfillment
  • Customized value-added services such as replenishment, projects and roll-outs



The cornerstones of our 24/7 Customs & Compliance support include the development of a Client Import Policy and Procedures manual, classification/valuation assistance, online tracking, an image processing system and access to our Global communications services - all of which are critical success factors in maintaining compliance to governmental regulations.

SEKO’s Customs Brokerage offices maintain Remote Location Filing (RLF) at all ports of entry around the world. Our goal is to provide an Import Management Program that addresses all of your clearance requirements. Our standard service includes assisting you with reasonable care, complete post entry audits and customized point-and-click report writing. 


SEKO's unparalleled position as an innovative IT backed logistics provider allows for end-to-end Digital Forwarding logistics capabilities. Book, manage and track shipments, access support and provide data and documentation from within the MySEKO portal.



Put your customers at the center of everything you do with a demand driven network built on quick turnaround times, reduced cost and increased customer satisfaction. With logistics IT solutions to manage inventory, supplier and shipper relationships and gain complete visibility of your supply chain, the complexities of demand chain management become far more possible.



The inventor of the world’s first temperature-controlled mugs turns to SEKO, as a single 3PL provider, to support its massive sales growth and worldwide supply chain operations.

“On the domestic side, those unique situations where we’re going into a place and we find out that the delivery is going to be much more complicated – the solution becomes much easier working through SEKO. It’s really helped us accelerate a lot of the things that we’ve been trying to do - and I can see how SEKO can really be a partner in how we scale the business in the years to come.”

Bob Miller Logistics Manager, Tormach

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