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SEKO Logistics is voted a Top 10 3PL for the 6th year in a row!

Each year, the Inbound Logistics Readers’ Choice Top 10 3PL Excellence survey gives shippers the chance to ‘give a shout-out to providers that have taken on so much of their load’. From procurement to transportation management, manufacturing to retail, companies around the Globe use this platform to share positive experiences.

“SEKO Logistics is well-regarded for its customer service, technology, and commitment to quality,” says Inbound Logistics. “They understand that their customers are challenged with rapidly changing consumer and B2B buying experiences, and the company continues to tailor its solutions to help each client achieve their unique goals.”

Both retailers and manufacturers are challenged with a rapidly changing consumer and B2B buying experience with new channels that are disrupting traditional supply chains.  “At our core, we are a technology-enabled, demand chain management, logistics provider. We have been successful by listening to our clients and continuing to develop Omni-Channel Logistics and White Glove Solutions that emphasize the consumer experience and customer demand; rather than supply,” says James Gagne, SEKO Logistics’ President & CEO. “We believe the future is not solely comprised of being a one-stop-shop logistics company with assets all over the world. It is not about being everywhere, it’s about having the right people, partnerships and technology to create the best client experience possible.”

SEKO prides themselves on simplifying Global trade for clients with customs classification and consulting services. Their in-country expertise and seamless technology provides a “single pane of glass” view into a client’s supply chain, and their 3PL model helps shippers mitigate against consolidation and fluctuations with carriers across multiple modes; matching supply to demand.

Gagne feels that SEKO’s exceptional service is a direct result of the “coalescence of our Global network and seamless technology, a hybrid business model paired with global-owned gateways, and our strategic partners. Our specialization in Omni-Channel Logistics, White Glove Solutions and Value-Added Freight Forwarding Services reinforces the fact that we are ultimately small enough to care, but big enough to scale for our retail and manufacturing clients.”





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