Ensure careful handling of all types of cargo with the professional range of White Glove services from SEKO. Our trusted teams ensure that all deliveries are transported from supplier to customer in style – to guarantee that your valuable and time-sensitive cargo reaches its destination safely and efficiently.

White Glove Delivery Service

With over 60 North America locations and a team of specialized SEKO branded vehicles, large retailers, hospitals and events throughout the United States and Canada can benefit from a top-class national white glove delivery system capable of transporting a wide range of important freight, including heavyweight products.

In 2014, our White Glove services for Medical Devices and High Tech equipment launched in the European Union through the expansion of our MedTec division, with EU headquarters operating from Galway, Ireland.

We treat all consumers to an elite final mile service - from the moment an item is loaded onto one of our SEKO lorries to when our drivers close the door after a successful installation job. Our White Glove service includes room of choice delivery, unpacking of products, fully functioning installation and trash removal during residential home deliveries. 

What are our White Glove Services?

Our range of white glove services provide similar specialized care for the delivery, transportation and installation of medical devices, the management of store deliveries, the delivery of hi-tech equipment and the transportation of experiential marketing materials, ensuring that your customers receive a professional and secure delivery.

Remain in constant contact with the progress and location of your goods with our MySEKO web-based tracking, so you know when to expect your fully vetted SEKO driver - even down to the minute. We work with a diverse repertoire of clients, including Beckman Coulter, GXI/Xerox, Escalade Sports and Bailiwick, who attest to the claim that we really can deliver on any product. For high value, sensitive products that require white glove services that are over and above anything else, take a look at our Smart Hub offering.

What is a white glove delivery service? 

Our nationwide White Glove home delivery service has been designed to respond to the needs of your customer. We supply a designated time of arrival, down to individual hour slots, so your local customers can be sure when to expect their purchases. Our specialist drivers take care of everything as quickly as possible, from removal from the van, carrying goods to the desired room, to assembling the product and cleaning up after themselves. 

We leave nothing but a flawless service that is a credit to your company’s ethos. White Glove home delivery can be a valuable up-sell to retail clients, and offering this higher level of customer service will reduce buyer’s remorse. In the instance that customers are not fully satisfied with their product, SEKO’s White Glove delivery service includes a reverse logistics functionality for a hassle-free collection and return to your chosen warehouse or store.

Medical Devices

At SEKO, our high quality MedTec certified drivers understand the importance of getting medical deliveries right. All of our MedTec workers are required to undergo rigorous training to ensure they can utilize customised equipment and follow strict handling instructions. We conduct annual equipment and facility inspections to guarantee that our service is of the highest health, safety and industry or customer standard.

All SEKO warehouses, drivers and certified carriers must have clean facilities, air-ride equipment and lift gates as a minimum to handle White Glove deliveries, eliminating the risk of contamination. Rest assured that your medical, surgical, diagnostic and imaging equipment, as well as pharmaceutical products, trials and samples will be delivered and assembled where appropriate by our knowledgeable and experienced staff.



Whatever your business, you want to know that your logistics company can deliver – but when your cargo is valuable or time sensitive however, it’s important to pick a company that will go that extra mile. Our guide explains why White Glove Delivery offers a better high-value delivery service for sensitive equipment.

In-Store Services

As ecommerce retailers are making the move into bricks and mortar, and pop-up stores and traditional retailers enter new markets, you need the right logistics partner to ensure your new store openings are fully stocked and ready to go. Our White Glove delivery service offers unbeatable cost per mile and a promise to be on time, making sure the shop floor is ready to go at opening time.

Whether it’s moving stock from old stores to new, setting up retail displays or delivering new inventories, our White Glove drivers work around the clock to get the results you need. When we’re done setting up, we’ll take away any boxes or old stock, so you can get on with sorting the finer details.

Hi-Tech & White Glove Installation

In a fast-changing world of technology, hi-tech equipment can quickly become outdated, and there is a regular need to be replace old systems with newer versions. With the hi-tech White Glove service, our SEKO drivers are trained to deliver & set up your valuable technology equipment. We also provide environmentally friendly recycling options for high tech equipment, with full documentation and support, making our hi-tech White Glove installation service not only efficient, but ecological too.

Experiential Marketing

Our Experiential Marketing White Glove service ensures the safe delivery of ‘perishable’, time sensitive samples and trade show items using our specialized equipment designed for handling displays and exhibition products. We operate around the clock to ensure that your exhibition is ready for show time. 

Once the exhibition is over, the Experiential Marketing White Glove service offers reverse logistics support for all display materials, returning them to wherever you need them to go. SEKO handles the consolidation at origin, transportation, warehousing and on-site project deliveries as well as the technical installations for all displays and materials, so you can look forward to the grand unveiling of store openings and exhibitions with complete ease.

MySEKO Portal

Enjoy real-time tracking of your sensitive shipment with the MySEKO portal, keeping you up-to-date with your delivery driver’s movements. We make sure that you always know when to expect your White Glove service, down to the minute. SEKO promises to get your goods to you or your customer on time, and with our tracking portal, you can follow your shipment each step of the way.

Our White Glove service offers first-class service so you can be sure your cargo is in safe hands from the moment it leaves the depot. In addition, MySEKO has added software features including Event/Asset Management, TMS, WMS and more SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions fully integrated.


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