Diplomatic Isolation of State of Qatar

Jun 08 2017
Due to an ongoing political dispute, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE and Egypt have withdrawn from any diplomatic and consular ties with state of Qatar. All land, sea and air connections to Qatar have been ceased in the past 24 hours. Qatar as an island north of Saudi dependent on the land route from Saudi and Ocean transshipments from Jabel Ali (UAE) and Dammam (Saudi) ports. Qatar Airways which is the national carrier has been banned to enter the above countries and not even use the air space . This has created a situation where State of Qatar is completely isolated by land and Sea and none of the airlines, shipping lines carrying the flag of Saudi, UAE, Egypt and Bahrain will serve Qatar. All these opposing countries have given 24 hours eviction notice to diplomats and 14 days to any Qatari citizens to leave Saudi, UAE, Egypt and Bahrain.
We need to keep the customers appraised about this situation and stop accepting any cargo until further notice . We are in touch with carriers and shipping lines to know what are the options available in the coming days. If you have any shipments in transit, please contact the agent International Maritime and Aviation who is our break bulk(non-exclusive ) agent with a copy to myself. You may also contact the carriers for rerouting options if the shipments are in transit  to Doha, State of Qatar.
There will be updates as we learn the developments of this situation.
Majd Debs Wazait
International Maritime and Aviation