Transport Management System (TMS)

Our Transportation Management System (TMS) is a fully customizable application with a status/event driven design that enables you to shop around for best pricing, consolidate orders, customize and run reports and audit freight bills. With TMS freight technology your contracted carriers are also integrated, allowing them to tender shipments supported by their routing.

SEKO TMS manages three key transportation processes via air, ocean and ground:

Planning and decision making

TMS will define the most efficient shipment schemes according to given parameters, which have a lower or higher importance according to your predefined policies. For example transportation cost, transit time, on-time performance, fewer stops possible to ensure quality, and much more. When getting your shipments to the right place at the right time is vital, such as medical transportation and urgent freight, access the data you need to get important calls right from your Transportation Management System.

Shipment follow-up

TMS manages any physical or administrative operation regarding transportation, such as traceability of a shipment event by event (shipping from A, arrival at B, customs clearance etc.), editing of reception, custom clearance, invoicing, booking documents and transmission of shipment alerts - e.g. delays, accidents, non-forecast stops. With TMS tracking every event, end to end visibility of shipments across countries, carriers and systems is achievable.

Transport Management System KPI Measurement

TMS shows the user their Key Performance Indicators and provides reporting functions for your supply chain. KPIs include, but are not limited to:

  • Percentage of on time delivery performance by carrier
  • Transportation spend by carrier
  • Total number of shipments by region
  • Total number of shipments per month
  • Average number of shipments per month

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