Using your existing business processes and best practices as a blueprint, we develop a logistics technology software, application and infrastructure that is right for you - creating a customized solution that is simple to use, fast to implement and as unique as your business.

Customized IT Solutions for Logistics

Our supply chain technology systems are easy to integrate and can be tailored to meet the requirements of each individual client, enabling you to quickly generate a significant return on investment.


From real-time GPS tracking of a sensitive shipment, to a transportation management system that will control your US distribution costs and automate your dispatches, SEKO can provide everything you need through a single login to the MySEKO portal.

eCommerce Solutions

The SEKO eCommerce solution is an end-to-end supply chain tool that can execute your website generation and maintenance, warehouse management, transportation management, routing instructions, and dynamic reporting.

Digital Forwarding

SEKO's unparalleled position as an innovative IT backed logistics provider allows for end to end Digital Forwarding logistics capabilities. Book, manage and track shipments, access support and provide data and documentation from within the MySEKO Portal.

Demand Chain Management

Put your customers at the centre of everything you do with a demand driven network built on quick turnaround, reduced cost and exceeding customer expectations. With logistics IT solutions to manage inventory, supplier and shipper relationships and gain complete visibility of your supply chain, the complexities of demand chain management become far more possible.



"SEKO painlessly deployed a solution that consolidated our air and LCL shipments into FCL consolidations in just three weeks, the same time it took for a larger logistics company to even respond. MySEKO was a great addition for visibility, and very easy to learn and use."

Transportation Management System

Our TMS is fully customizable application with a status/event driven design that enables you to consolidate orders, customize and run reports and audit freight bills, as well as giving you the ability to ‘shop around’ for best pricing. 

Warehouse Management System

Our WMS increases your level of management when maintaining tight inventories whilst also enabling you to optimize inventory - by automatically identifying and assigning the nearest available part for each shipment.

PO Management

A user friendly system that provides real-time control and processing of sales and purchase transactions, no matter what their status. Giving you true visibility within your supply chain and enabling you to manage vendors by exception.

Asset Management

Our asset management technology and services give you the ability to track all of your valuable inventory in the field using our mobile WMS or Asset Management technology. We also provide Asset Recovery services, to ensure that what goes out always comes back.

Data Integration

Data Integration streamlines processes, reduces costs and improves data visibility from your ERP to your delivered product. Our operating platform enables the flexibility to provide various means of Data Integration, with a wide range of capabilities.


Designed for companies that ship items requiring secure chain-of-command custody, SEKO GPS is a transport program that provides unprecedented security and real-time shipment location and status information, with four Security Level options.


Everything we do is focused on making our customers' lives easier and helping them to develop and maintain excellent relationships with their own customers.  

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