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How Does Last Mile Delivery Work and Who is Involved in the Process?

Online shopping has become a facet of everyday life in our digitally-driven world. From small, everyday items to high-value purchases, consumers across the globe have turned to the convenience of the Internet to meet their buying needs. With this shift towards ecommerce fulfillment, a particular aspect of the purchasing journey has emerged to prominence: last mile delivery.

Last mile delivery—the final step that transports products from a fulfillment center to your customer's doorstep—has never been more vital. This critical phase in the logistics chain is often seen as the face of the entire operation. It directly influences customer satisfaction, dictates whether products arrive on time and in a condition your customer expects.

The successful execution of last mile delivery is a logistical triumph and a significant contributor to the customer’s buying experience. It's the tangible touchpoint where the virtual shopping experience transitions into a physical reality. This article explains how a fast, seamless, and error-free last mile delivery process solidifies your customer's trust, establishes brand loyalty, and encourages repeat business. 

What Is last mile Delivery?

last mile delivery refers to the final step of the delivery process, where a parcel is transported from a distribution hub or fulfillment center to its final destination, typically your customer's residence. The last mile of the logistics and supply chain journey is critical in ensuring an excellent customer experience.

Why Is last mile Delivery Critical to the Ecommerce Supply Chain?

The dynamic environment of ecommerce is broken into segments within the supply chain. Each segment plays a pivotal role in ensuring a successful delivery. However, if there's one link that truly stands out, it's last mile delivery. This crucial stage involving the transit of a product from the fulfillment center to your customer's doorstep can make or break the entire buying experience. The prominence of last mile delivery in ecommerce arises from several crucial factors.

Creates a Memorable Shopping Experience

The last mile delivery process has a significant impact on your customer's overall shopping experience. On-time and accurate deliveries can lead to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Enhances Brand Reputation

An efficient last mile delivery process can enhance a brand's reputation, encouraging your customers to shop more frequently from your online store.

Gives You a Competitive Edge

last mile logistics can provide businesses with a competitive advantage. Offering reliable and fast delivery options can help differentiate your brand in the highly competitive ecommerce market.

How Does the Last Mile Delivery Process Work?

The last mile delivery can appear complex at first glance, but its mechanics become clear and manageable when distilled down to its fundamental steps. The process bridges the final gap between your products and your consumer. Let's take a closer look at the sequence of the last mile delivery process to understand how this essential cog in the ecommerce machine operates.

1. Order Placement

It all begins with a customer placing an order online. Your sales channels receive this order and the corresponding information is transmitted to the appropriate fulfillment center.

2. Order Fulfillment

Inventory management comes into play once the order details reach the fulfillment center. The ordered items are located, picked from the shelves, packed securely, and prepared for dispatch.

3. Parcel Collection

A last mile carrier or a delivery service provider collects the package from the fulfillment center. This could be an outsourced fulfillment provider or a dedicated logistics arm of the ecommerce business.

4. Transportation

The parcel is transported to the customer's delivery address. Different modes of transportation may be used depending on the distance and the locality. Electric vehicles may be used for densely populated areas, or you may have your standard delivery truck. Drone delivery is also being experimented with as it can increase the speed of delivery times. 

5. Delivery Routing

Advanced routing technology calculates the most efficient route to the customer's address, considering factors like traffic, distance, and other deliveries.

6. Customer Communication

Customers are kept informed about their order status through notifications sent via email or text messages. These messages may include estimated delivery times and real-time tracking information.

7. Final Parcel Delivery

The parcel arrives at the customer's doorstep, completing the last leg of its journey. Depending on the delivery terms, the package may be handed over in person, left in a secure location, or delivered to a designated pick-up point.

8. Proof of Delivery

The delivery is confirmed through a digital signature or a photo taken by the delivery personnel. This acts as proof that the delivery has been successfully completed.

Who Are the Key Stakeholders in the Last Mile Delivery Process?

Navigating the terrain of the last mile delivery process involves various key stakeholders, each playing a vital role in ensuring the parcel reaches its final destination. From warehouse managers to delivery personnel, they all contribute to the smooth functioning of the ecommerce fulfillment process. This section will explain these roles and their respective responsibilities, illuminating the complex fabric that stitches together the world of last mile logistics.

Ecommerce Businesses

Your ecommerce business—the driving force behind the digital shopping revolution—bears a comprehensive set of responsibilities within the last mile delivery ecosystem. With the guidance of a 3PL like SEKO Logistics, your online storefront navigates the complexities of order fulfillment, inventory management, and the sales process. We will help you manage the intricate process of returns and constantly strive to uphold an optimum level of customer satisfaction to cement your role as a dominant brand.

Last Mile Carriers

The role of last mile carriers can't be overstated in the elaborate chain of last mile delivery. We bridge the physical gap between your ecommerce businesses and your customers. We manage the transportation of parcels from fast-moving fulfillment centers straight to your customer's doorstep. With an unwavering commitment to punctuality and service quality, our carriers provide a connection between online orders and real-world deliveries.

Fulfillment Centers

Fulfillment centers serve as the connection of ecommerce operations. They manage the storage, organization, and inventory of a vast array of products. They are the beating heart of an online business, keeping your goods securely housed until an incoming order comes through. Once an order is placed, our fulfillment centers swiftly spring into action, preparing the chosen item for shipment and initiating the next critical stage of its journey: last mile delivery.


Customers—the essential finale of the last mile delivery process represents more than just the end recipients of your products. Their feedback, whether complimentary or critical, serves as an invaluable barometer for gauging the success of delivery operations and informs crucial improvements in your process. Above all, their happiness is the ultimate goal. They’ll provide you with a valuable impetus for your business and logistics partners on how to constantly refine and enhance your last mile delivery strategies.

What Are the Challenges and Solutions in last mile Delivery?

The last mile delivery process is often challenged in several ways—including high shipping rates, inefficiencies in local delivery, delays, and errors. An effective last mile delivery partner can alleviate these issues by providing the following solutions.

Advanced Technology

Specialized last mile carriers leverage advanced technology to streamline the last mile delivery process. They utilize modern solutions such as route optimization software. They efficiently map out the most effective routes to minimize delivery times and reduce associated costs. This high-tech approach boosts operational efficiency and elevates the overall customer experience by ensuring timely and reliable deliveries.

Flexible Delivery Options

Top-level logistics companies understand the diverse needs of your customers and offer flexible delivery options to cater to them. Providing a range of choices, such as same-day delivery for urgent needs or scheduled delivery for customers who prefer planning ahead, personalizes the delivery experience. This strategy aligns with varying consumer expectations and also improves customer satisfaction to foster loyalty and repeat business.

Real-time Tracking

In the fast-paced digital age, the best logistic companies recognize the importance of real-time information and offer tracking services for all their deliveries. Providing your customers with live updates about their package's location and estimated time of arrival enhances transparency, boosts faith in your reliability, and increases trustworthiness with your brand. Such a feature empowers customers and allows them to plan their schedules around deliveries, as well as creates a sense of security in their minds regarding their order's journey.

SEKO Logistics: Your Ideal last mile Delivery Partner 

With its extensive experience and innovative solutions, SEKO Logistics is committed to supporting businesses in managing their last mile delivery operations. We offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs, including efficient inventory management, real-time tracking, and flexible delivery options to ensure your products reach your customers swiftly and securely.

Our fulfillment centers are strategically located across the globe to facilitate fast and cost-effective local delivery, minimizing the distance your products need to travel during the last mile. We are adept at handling varying order volumes and managing returns to ensure your sales channels run smoothly, even during peak times.

Additionally, our advanced technology systems deliver seamless coordination between all stakeholders in the last mile delivery process. From the moment an order leaves your online store to its final delivery at your customer's doorstep, we provide complete transparency, efficiency, and a great experience for you and your customers.

Partnering with SEKO for your last mile delivery allows you to focus on what you do best—building your brand and satisfying your customers. Let us take care of getting your products to their destination on time and in perfect condition.

Contact us today to learn how SEKO can optimize your ecommerce fulfillment and provide a first-class customer experience.

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