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SEKO ensures the careful handling of all types of cargo – from high value medical devices and high-tech equipment, to retail displays and tradeshow stands, plus heavyweight products.


We are well established in North America, with over 60 SEKO locations and a further 100 agent locations. Our White Glove services now extend into Europe - through the expansion of our MedTec division, with EU headquarters operating from Galway, Ireland.

Our trusted teams ensure that all deliveries are transported from supplier to customer in style, to guarantee that your valuable and time-sensitive consignments reach their destination safely. SEKO's entire White Glove solution is supported by our 24/7 Customer Service Center to ensure deliveries are monitored around-the-clock to deliver full visibility, cost efficiency and an exceptional customer experience.


A nationwide service for the USA, offering full assembly for heavyweight and bulky business-to-consumer eCommerce products. This service is ideal for the delivery of high value and over-sized products such as fitness equipment, furniture, home appliances, big screen televisions and bicycles - and includes full assembly, installation, setup, syncing of smart devices and debris removal.


Configurable and secure final mile White Glove delivery and installation support for the high-tech, telecommunications, medical devices, POS Systems and consumer electronics logistics industries. Our drivers are certified and undergo rigorous training to ensure they can transport, set up and follow the strict handling instructions of your customised equipment. At SEKO, we understand the importance of getting sensitive deliveries right.


Our home delivery and final mile services have been designed to respond to your customers’ needs. With a specified arrival time, down to individual hour slots, your customers can be sure when to expect their purchases. Our specialty drivers take care of everything quickly and efficiently – including removal from the van, carrying goods to the desired room, assembling products and cleaning up afterwards.


Whether you have complex installations of in-store retail displays or need to launch new merchandising to hundreds of stores by a definite date, SEKO is there for you around the Globe. Our White Glove drivers work around-the-clock to get the results you need, with a delivery service that offers an unbeatable cost per mile and delivers a promise to be on time.

With SEKO you can make sure your shop floor is fully-stocked and ready to go. We handle consolidation at origin, transportation, warehousing and on-site project deliveries, as well as the technical installations for all displays and materials – including the safe delivery of perishable and time-sensitive samples.

We’re also experienced with the complexities of deliveries to the major convention centres and hotels around the world. In addition, once the event is over, we also offer removal and returns management support, to return all display materials wherever they need to go.


SEKO Farnborough (FAB)

Becoming the EMEA control tower for White Glove, Smart Hub, MedTec and Aerospace, SEKO FAB is the supernova of the SEKO network – combining industry talent with state-of-the-art technology, to provide our clients with enhanced visibility, traceability and a Final Mile delivery experience.


Our in-house Smart Hub interface has been designed to remove unnecessary administration - enabling us to flex our resource dynamically, in line with client growth.


SEKO FAB embraces new technology and innovation – with the team working alongside our clients to solve their growing pains through the adoption of advanced mobile technology applications.


Located on an ultra secure List X resilient facility, our control tower provides unparalleled access to our Global partner network.


SEKO FAB has diversified its industry portfolio, to ensure we align with key Global growth markets – resulting in the facility becoming one of our fastest-growing international locations.


JOSCAR, AEO, GDPR, TAPA compliant and IATA registered.

“In luxury sales it’s about personal relationships with our customers - but with a robust plan for expansion, we also want to have a personal relationship with a partner and carrier that can grow with us. SEKO gives us the accountability that helps us to maintain those customer relationships, as we are only ever a phone call away from knowing what’s going on, or being able to solve any sort of problem that could arise.”

Mason Jones Marketing Director, TruGolf

White glove FAQ's

A white glove service refers to a premium and specialised level of service provided in the transportation and delivery of goods. It typically involves a high degree of attention to detail, care, and extra services beyond standard shipping and handling. Some key features of white glove service are:

- Handling fragile or valuable items

- Inside delivery 

- Installation and setup 

- Removal of packaging 

- Scheduled delivery and appointments 

- Customised solutions 

- Specialised equipment

White glove logistics services are commonly used in industries like high-end retail, healthcare, technology, and interior design, where customer satisfaction and the safe handling of goods are of utmost importance.

White glove logistics services offer several benefits for businesses and customers who require specialised, premium-level handling and delivery of goods, such as:

- High-level customer satisfaction: White glove services provide a superior customer experience, ensuring that items are handled with care, delivered on time, and set up or installed as needed. 

- Safe handling of delicate items: For fragile, valuable, or high-end goods, white glove services offer the expertise and equipment needed to ensure safe transportation and delivery, reducing the risk of damage. 

- Professional expertise: SEKO have well-trained, professional personnel who understand the specific requirements of handling and delivering various types of items, from furniture to medical equipment.

- Customisation: White glove services can be tailored to meet the unique needs of the customer, whether it's arranging specific delivery times, handling specific requests, or providing customised solutions. 

- Time savings: By handling tasks like unpacking, assembly and installation, white glove services save customers time and effort, making the delivery process more convenient. 

- Brand reputation: Using white glove services can enhance a company's brand reputation, particularly in industries where attention to detail and customer service is crucial. 

- ROI: White glove services give customers an increased level of satisfaction and a reduced potential for returns or damage to goods, these factors can provide a positive ROI. 

- Specialised equipment: Such as lift gates and climate-controlled trucks, which are essential for handling certain types of items. 

- Full-service approach: These services often go beyond transportation and delivery, offering a comprehensive solution that includes setup, installation, and removal of packaging, creating a hassle-free experience for the customer. 


Yes, SEKO offer white glove delivery services worldwide.

White glove delivery is well-suited for various types of cargo that require special care, attention, and a premium level of service, including:

- High-end or custom-made furniture.

- Electronics such as large-screen TVs, home theatre systems, and medical equipment, benefit from professional installation and setup. 

Artwork and antiques

- Appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, and ovens may require delivery, installation, and sometimes removal of old appliances

Medical Equipment

High-end retail goods

Office equipment 

- Luxury goods such as high-value and exclusive items, including designer fashion, accessories, and luxury home goods.

Special events and trade shows 

- Laboratory and scientific equipment

In general, any cargo that is valuable, fragile, large or requires specialised handling and setup can benefit from white glove delivery services.

The cost of white glove solutions can vary significantly based on several factors:

- Type of cargo 

- Distance and location 

- Additional services

- Time sensitivity 

- Customisation 

- Size and weight 

- Liability and insurance

- Volume and frequency 

If you'd like to chat with one of our team about SEKO white glove costs please click here.

White glove logistics services should be used in situations where a higher level of care, attention, and service is required for the safe and satisfactory transportation and delivery of goods. 

Yes, SEKO provide full shipment tracking services. 

Yes, SEKO have European coverage. 

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