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My name is Joe Miller – but you can call me the White Glove Wizard!

As a Commercial Director for White Glove at SEKO Farnborough, I am responsible for:

  • Unearthing clients, creating proposals and networking within the industry
  • Understanding best practices in the wider marketplace, so we are leading the front of the pack!
  • Spearheading sales, including internal sales, so we can get the best experience for our clients in the SEKO network
  • Explaining operational roles and responsibilities around accounts, so our team can better understand our clients' needs
  • Strategizing for the future development of services and offerings

What is a typical day in the life?


My Spotify playlist, just to set a positive mood! Followed by the all-important morning call with my business partner, so we know what we’re tackling for the day! My morning also starts with:
  • Spending time with the team here in the office and commercially going through past propositions that need getting over the line
  • Going back and forth with colleagues to make sure they are equipped to aid our clients 
This will then give me time to action any items regarding elements of technology, as well as organize discussions with the marketing team.


I am known as 'Mr. Oreo' - I often have one to keep me going on the move!

No day is complete without…

  • Meeting the new business needs of our current customers, as well as scheduling in calls to make sure everything is on track
  • Working through and revalidating proposals, as well as chasing up customers - White Glove is 24/7 and so am I!

"Creating solutions for our client’s portfolio and showing entrepreneurial accumen is what enables them to succeed  - both in and out of logistics!"

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