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Section 1

Complete a point-to-point routing assessment for all Customers

  1. Location of goods for despatch
  2. Trade terms
  3. Transport method to EU exit port
  4. Transit countries to EU exit port
  5. Port of exit
  6. Transit method to UK
  7. Port of arrival in UK
  8. Final clearance point - inland or at the arrival UK border
  9. Transport method to buyer
  10. Final location of buyer for delivery


Customs & Legal Requirements

  1. EU EORI Number - (Apply for one if required here) to complete EU Export Clearance
  2. UK EORI & VAT no. for Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) terms to complete UK clearance
  3. Export licenses


Paperwork Requirements

  1. Invoice
  2. Packing list including weights
  3. Products
    • Commodity codes
    • Values
    • Product customs origin
    • Quantities
    • Nett weights
  4. Nett weights
  5. Customs certification required for UK clearance
  6. Customs status of goods - (I.e. bonded warehouse re-export, free circulation)

Section 4

Agent/Haulier/Transport Provider

  1. Can they complete an Import Customs Entry EAD(EX) Declaration?
  2. Can they supply MRN (Movement Reference No.) from point “1” to haulier?
  3. Can they complete an NCTS movement-Create Transit Accompanying Document - (Only when shipments are not cleared at port of arrival and may be travelling to an inland Depot or cross border to another country for clearance)
  4. See point 3 - can they discharge the NCTS movement?
  5. See point 3 - are transit guarantees covered?
  6. Complete goods transportation to destination in the UK



  1. Agent-haulier
    • Customs clearance completed.
      1. DDP Terms will require the EU Sellers EORI & VAT details
      2. NON DDP Terms will require UK Buyers EORI & VAT details for customs clearance?
    • Method of payment of customs taxes & VAT
      1. DDP EU seller to pay
      2. NON DDP UK buyer to pay
    • Duty & VAT rates for exported goods in clearance UK country

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