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Mark White Announced President and COO of SEKO Global Logistics Network

Itasca, IL - SEKO Global Logistics Network – the global governing entity of SEKO which comprises SGLN-EMEA, SGLN-ASPAC, and SGLN-AMERICAS - is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark White to President and COO of SEKO Global Logistics Network, LLC. White’s role will preside over the entire network and all global Strategic Partnerships.

As President and COO, White’s existing strategic role on the Board of SEKO Global Logistics Network will change into a more operational position alongside Bill Wascher, CEO and Steven Goldberg, Chairman of the Board. White will continue to remain as CEO of SGLN-EMEA and Chairman of SEKO Logistics UK.

White came to the logistics industry in 1992 when he started his first supply chain solutions business, Ultimex. White’s involvement with SEKO began 14 years ago just before he sold Ultimex to USF Worldwide. In 2002, when SEKO was bought back from USF Worldwide, Wascher and Goldberg asked White if he would join them to help make SEKO a global power house and together they formed SEKO Global Logistics Network. SEKO Logistics United Kingdom subsequently became the first SEKO operation outside of the USA.

White’s objectives are to continue to build and strengthen the Company’s global office network, to harness the company’s supply chain technology strengths and customer solutions and to promote the Company’s global logistics footprint to businesses that require multi-site international stock fulfillment hubs. “I feel motivated, excited and challenged in this role,” states White. “and I am looking forward to helping drive SEKO to our next major goal in becoming a billion dollar business.

Mark’s experience and insight will bring an unparalleled value to SEKO Global Logistics Network,” states Bill Wascher, CEO. “The innovation he brings to the table through his extensive knowledge of the global market is sure to assertively launch SEKO to the next Level. I look forward to seeing the maximum potential of the company brought out through his dedication, inventiveness, and forward thinking.

SEKO continues to expand in direct response to increased customer requirements for integrated logistics services across the globe. The Company’s Strategic Partner business model is based on creating a collaborative network of offices that have local business, cultural and regional expertise, and applying to their businesses the best practices of SEKO’s organizational structure, IT systems and overall resources. The result provides clients with a seamless global logistics network.

About SEKO

Founded in 1976, SEKO is a global, third-party logistics provider with more than 50 offices in the United States and over 50 offices in a further 40+ countries worldwide. It offers a full range of supply-chain solutions including domestic and global air, ocean, and ground transportation, freight forwarding, customs brokerage, trans‐border distribution, U.S. home delivery, and DC bypass shipping. SEKO’s IT solutions offer a broad range of real‐time, Web‐based shipment management and data exchange tools for a high degree of supply-chain visibly. To learn more about SEKO visit us at

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