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Providing 100% plant-based products and supplements, Vivo Life is a well-known wellbeing and fitness brand which aspires towards making healthier lifestyles more accessible, sustainable and affordable.

The Challenge

Having previously ventured down the ‘conventional’ express carrier route, Vivo Life soon realized that their values failed to align with their current logistics partner, who was unable to satisfy their key requirements for customized boxing and sustainability.

The Solution

In search of a more ‘collaborative partnership’, Vivo Life approached SEKO to deliver the logistics expertise, technology, reach and agility necessary to support its sustainable business model. By scaling their health and fitness supplements into North America, SEKO aimed to help Vivo Life make a positive impact on a wider audience’s physical and mental wellbeing – as well as the planet and our overall global environment.

Benefits of the SEKO Solution

  • Improving customer experience
  • Providing efficient ‘plug and play’ access to a global network
  • Enhancing sustainability of operations
  • Delivering key data analysis and expert project management

The Result

Since collaborating with SEKO, the Glastonbury-based producer’s range of immune and health-boosting supplements has successfully launched into the US, in time for the business’ first ‘Green Friday’ – a marketing campaign which has resulted in Vivo Life’s highest-ever single sales volume.

SEKO now manages the US fulfillment of ecommerce orders and final mile distribution from Vivo Life’s dual distribution centers, which have been chosen to help reduce transit and shipping times to their end-customers – and ultimately lower their carbon footprint for enhanced sustainability.

With Phase 1 of the partnership now established in Chicago to serve customers on the east coast, Los Angeles is to become Vivo Life’s next distribution center – providing the brand with closer access to the city’s health-conscious market.

In order to minimize Vivo Life’s Global environmental impact, SEKO has enabled the business to offset the carbon footprint of its supply chain – in line with their sustainability focus.

Introducing value-added sustainable boxing, as well as eco-friendly materials for handwritten notes inside every order, SEKO has empowered Vivo Life to become ‘greener’ in their operations – whilst also recognizing the business’ commitment to delivering customers with a personalized retail experience, direct to their homes.


“Even though our focus at the start of this partnership was on improving our customer experience and reducing our impact on the planet, the way the plan has come together has actually produced cost savings too. That’s another thing we appreciate about SEKO. We’re probably a smaller scale customer for them but they really took the time to listen and understand our business and, in the end, both sides wanted the partnership to happen. We are extremely happy with the results so far."

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