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“In luxury sales it’s about personal relationships with our customers - but with a robust plan for expansion, we also want to have a personal relationship with a partner and carrier that can grow with us. SEKO gives us the accountability that helps us to maintain those customer relationships, as we are only ever a phone call away from knowing what’s going on or being able to solve any sort of problem that could arise.”

Mason Jones Marketing Director, TruGolf

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"SEKO’s unique approach, to understand the importance of the customer experience and provide more than just another freight solution, has been a significant difference in both our experience as a Global online retailer, but also for our customers - whose expectations are constantly reaching new heights."

Dominic Culbert Group Logistics Manager, APAC Sale

"Previously, we had delays in shipments and also problems with damage. But after we started working with SEKO we didn’t have a damage claim for over six months. We get on time deliveries, and SEKO cut down on the damage to less than 1% from 15% or more before."

Ken Vincent Purchasing Manager - Escalade Sports

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"I was really impressed with SEKO MedTec’s consultative approach to our distribution needs. They simply have the best execution and customer service of all my supply chain providers."

Avic Gonzalez Transportation Manager, Beckman Coulter

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"Our partnership with SEKO is one of the reasons why the UK is now our fastest-growing region. They’ve not only delivered everything they promised, they’re continuously looking to improve service and efficiency, and their technology gives us the total visibility we need to manage such a large product range and customer base. We have a great working relationship."

Lucy Isherwood Senior Operations Manager, Birchbox

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"We could have upwards of 50 truckloads at a time going to military bases in North America, and more still to other bases around the world. Knowing that SEKO is managing the distribution and is able to follow strict government compliance on all deliveries allows us to focus on the other core areas of the business. We have one less worry with SEKO."

Chris Sparks Field Applications Technician, SRI International

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"SEKO has been a trusted, reliable partner for Bailiwick since the first shipment they picked up. They give me peace of mind knowing that my US shipments will get to their destinations on time and in good condition. Using SEKO allows me to focus on other aspects of the job rather than worrying about logistics issues."

Scott Hannah Warehouse Manager, Bailiwick

"We knew we had to move fast in Japan and we needed to work with a logistics partner we knew and trusted. SEKO understand our business. Its team are reliable and flexible, and they’ll always go the extra mile to make sure we’re happy and we meet our objectives. Once again, they more than met our expectations."

Tunay Tuna Head of Logistics and Distribution, Cath Kidston

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"Partnering with Seko has been extraordinary. They have cut our lead time on deployments to new accounts in half, resulting in a very favourable customer experience, by being able to set our customers up quickly. We appreciate our relationship and the communication and service we receive."

Matthew Stark National Sales Manager, Dippin’ Dots

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“SEKO’s unique approach, to understand the importance of the customer experience and provide more than just another freight solution, has been a significant difference in both our experience as a Global online retailer, but also for our customers - whose expectations are constantly reaching new heights.

Dominic Culbert Group Logistics Manager, Durr

"Working with the international team at SEKO has really helped our business to serve Global client requirements. We needed warehousing in multiple territories including the UK, US, Hong Kong and Dubai, and SEKO delivered - steering us smoothly through the potential pitfalls and growing pains."

George Allan CEO, Pacific Direct

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“We chose SEKO Logistics for their ability to be innovative and flexible in their solutions, and to move rapidly in implementing those solutions. SEKO is very customer focused with ‘boots on the ground’ local resources on each continent. They were able to deploy a scalable distribution solution and get it up and running very quickly."

Marc Smith Senior Manager Worldwide Distribution & Logistics, Sphere 3D

"Working with SEKO has provided us with an essential platform for international growth. Thanks to SEKO, our expansion into the US and Far East has been very smooth and low risk. We only pay for the space and logistics activity we actually use meaning we have no fixed costs and an extremely competitive global fulfillment solution."

Yussef Bictash Operations Manager, Reiss

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"Working with SEKO on a daily basis is a pleasure, based on their efficiency when it comes to transporting both our finished and returned goods in a timely and secure manner."

Timothy Finnegan Leasing Coordinator, Instrumentation Laboratories

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"Since we started working with SEKO, we've seen our supply chain improve considerably. It is vital that our components and generators arrive safely to our customers, SEKO Logistics have delivered on their promises."

Global Logistics Manager Peak Scientific

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"Thanks to SEKO, we have come a long way over the past 12 months and many thanks for your support. You have helped us to provide improved documentation that has made a major difference in the way we service our customers, and helped us streamline processes to continuous improvement. iDirect had their best quarter ever, as we shipped more revenue this quarter than we ever have. I wanted to say a genuine thanks for all you do - we couldn't have done it without each of you."

Mike Beam Director of Planning, iDirect

“My team and I appreciate the way that you are always on the ball and willing to go out of your way to help get us our material in time to prevent our lines from going down. Nice Job!”

Keith Burd Plant Manager, Dura Automotive

“As always, SEKO once again came through for us when the shipment had to be there. I know I can always count on you and I can go home and let you handle it. That is priceless. Thanks again.”

Lisa Veach Parts Manager, Power Curbers

"Over the last 10 years, SEKO have been our exclusive provider of ocean and air import services and my experience work working with them has been excellent. With a single phone call or email, I am provided with door to door service, customs clearance and the assurance that my shipments will arrive on-time and safely.”

Howard Cagle Master Crafters, Inc.

“On the domestic side, those unique situations where we’re going into a place and we find out that the delivery is going to be much more complicated – the solution becomes a much easier working through SEKO. It’s really helped us accelerate a lot of the things that we’ve been trying to do - and I can just see how SEKO can really be a partner in how we scale the business in the years to come.”

Bob Miller Logistics Manager, Tormach

"Please thank your team for the extraordinary efforts to get this shipment to Ithaca. Your team really made the difference by tracking late into the night and early in the morning. Keep up the good work and thanks again for effort well beyond reasonable expectations."

John Reeder Director of Global Supply Chain, Transact Technologies

“The SEKO Logistics team were able to deliver the right solution to TSK. We experienced a very professional service by SEKO Logistics and their partners in the UAE, and the transformers were delivered on-time and in perfect condition.”

Raza Shahid Country Logistics Manager, TSK

“When we attended a regulatory compliance seminar hosted by the US Department of Commerce, the presenter stated that SEKO set the bar for compliance in the logistics industry. All of our staff took note, and we feel comfortable knowing that SEKO is our export compliance partner.”

Martin Spencer Export Compliance Officer, Trijicon

“We were very pleased with the level of service provided by the SEKO team. Barrie and Maria are extremely good at the work they do. They handle the daily volume of requests we send their way and are always willing to go the extra mile when challenging assignments are encountered. We value our partnership with SEKO.”

Reta Rue VP, Wells Fargo

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