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As a parcel delivery provider who use a combination of suppliers, in-house services, third-parties and are required to integrate with a large number of customer platforms, OmniParcel is a powerful operating platform used by SEKO to power our customers’ delivery experience.

It all starts with the integration. Whether a direct API, a connection with your existing shipping platform or a manual file upload, OmniParcel covers all bases of data-flow to receive orders and return carrier labels to provide you with a global shipping platform that covers a broad range of delivery companies and services.

For our clients, OmniParcel provides them with the comfort and visibility that their parcels are en-route to the end-customer. OmniParcel was one of the first shipping platforms to offer retailer branded tracking and banner advertisement solutions, all as part of our shipping services. With Tableau as our chosen business intelligence platform plugged into the back of OmniParcel, SEKO is able to provide complete transparency and deep reporting to help our clients improve their overall delivery service.

From our side, OmniParcel is the glue that holds together the millions of parcels that are moving around the world within SEKO services. We are able to manage international freight consolidations and single third-party parcel deliveries all through the use of this single platform.
We recognise that many of our clients, as ecommerce merchants, are tech-savvy. Rest easy that we speak your language. We are technology led freight veterans who have figured out how best to leverage systems to provide you with the best possible outcomes.
If you have questions on how we can best support your shipping requirements through our in-house technology, please contact us.

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