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New Humanitarian Partnerships Continue SEKO Logistics’ Commitment to Ukraine

ITASCA, Ill., (August 30, 2022) – Since February 2022, SEKO Logistics (SEKO), a leading global logistics provider, has donated and provided more than $300,000 in goods and services to support those impacted by the conflict in Ukraine. This initiative has been aided by SEKO’s partnership with the Ukraine Logistics Coalition, a non-profit focused on providing supply chain services to bring vital medical and humanitarian supplies into the region. Continuing that effort, SEKO today announced its partnership with three Chicago-based humanitarian relief organizations, Operation White Stork, Project Aid & Rescue and Be An Angel, to provide additional medical supplies to Ukraine through HemaSource. Through both their individual and collective work, these organizations have safely evacuated thousands of Ukrainians and distributed vital survival equipment.

In collaboration with these organizations, who have been dedicated to delivering in-kind donations and humanitarian aid to Ukraine since the conflict began, SEKO will ship 27 pallets of medical supplies, including emergency first aid kits and other trauma supplies, at no cost. Upon arrival, distribution teams on the ground in Ukraine will distribute the pallets directly to hospitals in dire need of supplies.

“We are truly inspired by the work of these organizations. SEKO is people-focused in all we do, and we’ve built a network of humanitarians who work hard to make a difference and change the lives of others,” said James Gagne, SEKO’s President & CEO. “As a global logistics provider, it’s our responsibility to leverage our assets, network and capabilities to serve as the backbone for so many other organizations and partners on the frontlines.” 

Through its SEKO CARES initiative, SEKO serves as both a coordinator and an active participant in humanitarian relief needs around the globe – not only introducing organizations and corporations to one another, but also directly handling the end-to-end supply chain to move aid – from pick-up to final mile delivery into medical facilities, distribution centers and individuals’ hands.

“I’ve seen first-hand how Ukrainians are struggling each day to meet their basic needs. Through SEKO’s generosity, Project Aid & Rescue as well as our other partner organizations can continue its mission of collecting and transporting much needed items,” said Jeff Kaminsky, Project Aid & Rescue’s CEO & Founder.

Earlier this year, Kaminsky flew to Berlin, Germany – the epicenter of where Ukrainian refugees were fleeing to­­ – to supply food and emergency shelter. Since Kaminsky’s been back in the U.S., his organization, Project Aid & Rescue, along with Operation White Stork and Be An Angel, have been working around the clock to respond to the needs of Ukrainians during this unimaginable time.

“HemaSource operates globally to support over 2,000 customers, with medical supplies, software and logistics. We are honored to partner with White Stork by donating medical supplies to the heroes fighting the war in Ukraine,” said Mikhail Gurfinkel, HemaSource’s SVP & General Counsel. “We believe the international community must collaborate and contribute whenever possible to aid and support those in need and we are proud to play a small part to bolster that contribution. I am of Ukrainian descent, and I personally thank all those who wholeheartedly support an end to this war. Slava Ukraini.”


SEKO Cares for Ukraine

This partnership represents the latest in a series of projects in to support humanitarian relief efforts for Ukrainians. In partnership with global humanitarian organization, Airlink, and several other organizations, SEKO:

  • Shipped over 500 pallets of medical, food and other humanitarian aid by air and ground to Ukraine and neighboring countries.
  • Donated $150,000 in transportation services.
  • Raised an additional $200,000 to support Airlink’s work providing relief efforts around Ukraine and other communities in crisis.
  • Coordinated the logistics to ship 10,000 teddy bears and dozens of neonatal incubators to children affected by the war.

To learn more about SEKO CARES and how to be involved in our work, visit our page here.


About SEKO Logistics

Built on nearly 50 years of logistics expertise, SEKO Logistics is the no-nonsense global end-to-end logistics partner – from shipper to consumer. SEKO delivers client-first service, expert reliability and tech-driven shipping solutions that turn customers’ supply chains into a competitive advantage. With over 150 offices in more than 40 countries, SEKO helps you move at the speed of commerce. Learn more here.


About Operation White Stork

Operation White Stork is a veteran-led, rapid response, humanitarian organization that takes its name from the national bird of Ukraine. Its programs include: evacuating women and children, the elderly, and their pets; directly providing hospitals with medical supplies; and providing first aid kits to the defense forces and national railways of Ukraine. Learn more here.


About Project Aid & Rescue

Project Aid & Rescue is a team of international volunteers that have come together to alleviate the suffering of the Ukrainian people by providing aid and resources to those in need.  Whether that is by providing hotel rooms for recent refugees; medicines, food, and supplies to those still inside Ukraine; evacuations of those who no longer have a safe place to live; or tactical first aid supplies, Project Aid & Rescue works with its partners, volunteers and donors to provide the needed humanitarian aid and support.  Project Aid & Rescue emphasizes helping the most at-risk refugees and Ukrainians, namely women and children. Learn more here.


About Be An Angel

Be an Angel, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, is a non-profit organization helping refugees world-wide since 2015. Friends of Be an Angel, the U.S.-based branch, coordinates donations coming from within the U.S. and Canada, providing baby formula, dry food, bare essentials, water purification systems, medications, medical equipment, blankets, clothing, hygiene products, and so much more. Since March 4th, Be an Angel focuses with the Moldova-based branch on evacuating Ukrainian families with disabled children/adults and other vulnerable members of the population. To date, they evacuated more than 12,000 people and delivered more than $32 million worth of aid to the front lines. Learn more here


About the Ukraine Logistics Coalition

The Ukraine Logistics Coalition (ULC) is a team of volunteers that is focused on building a lean, fast humanitarian supply chain to save lives. The ULC is creating a marketplace connecting on-the-ground needs, suppliers, and transportation companies. The ULC has helped deliver over $20 million worth of vital medical supplies. For more information, visit the website


About HemaSource

HemaSource is an innovative logistics solution partner that combines best-in-class data analytics and high-quality medical product supply to specialty ambulatory clinics. For more information, visit





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