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Gelnius was created to save clients a significant amount of money, based on four decades of knowledge and expertise.

The Gelnius platform is an evolution of SEKO’s award-winning TMS technology. This unshakable foundation forms the building blocks of what Gelnius is now able to deliver.


Whether you are shipping high value items or goods that require a great level of compliance, Gelnius provides a solution to all your logistics challenges. Servicing such industries as retail, hi-tech, MedTec, aerospace, defense, security and aviation, the Gelnius platform lets you design the perfect solution for your business.

Hard Cost Savings

  • Carrier rate shop function 
  • Reduced transportation cost 
  • Carrier integration 
  • Reduced manual errors 
  • Lane optimization 
  • Optimal mode selection 
  • Rationalized administration overhead 
  • Reduction in track & trace resource

Soft Cost Savings

  • Visibility of all freight transactions on a single platform 
  • Carrier neutral 
  • Document upload / document repository 
  • Global search 
  • Reporting 
  • Compliance 
  • Increase delivery performance 
  • Positive customer experience
New Seko Spin-off Business Featured In American Shipper - News



On May 8, 2017, our new SaaS division, Gelnius, was launched to the public and quickly reported about in American Shipper Magazine.

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