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Almost half of shoppers (46%) said that the choice of a convenient and personalized delivery service is a key factor in the online buying decision stage (Sorted Survey).

So, if retailers aren’t offering flexible fulfillment to meet the needs of their consumers, shoppers may look elsewhere.


Choice Matters

But purely offering a wider selection of delivery options won’t necessarily ensure customer satisfaction. If customers do decide to purchase, but the delivery service isn’t convenient, it could still end up costing retailers. The same survey found 25% of all failed online deliveries were due to shoppers not being able to change their delivery options once an item had been shipped, showing the consequences of not offering convenience.

Keep consumer lifestyles in mind

Convenience and flexibility hold a different meaning for each individual. Some consumers look for the cheapest option possible with no preference for when their goods are delivered, while others need it faster and are willing to pay for a more efficient service.

So, how can retailers be sure that they’re offering comprehensive fulfillment options that work for their customers?

Retailers need to select their delivery options with their customer’s lifestyle in mind. To demonstrate, we follow the online purchase journey of a large air hockey table as it travels from online checkout to its final mile.



Essentially, what customers want from a retail delivery service is flexibility and convenience. Due to the vast array of consumer demographics, it is essential to provide options that cater to a range of needs and clearly set the expectations for each order fulfillment option. Lack of communication could lead to consumer frustration and steer those would-be customers straight to your competitors.


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