With the Global eCommerce market now standing at over $1 trillion - how does a traditional 'bricks and mortar' business move into the internet space? Our Omni-Channel ecommerce logistics services enable you to exceed customer expectations at every level, by uniting a complete shipping, logistics and distribution solution with eCommerce website design expertise and innovative business software.

Omni-Channel Logistics

Our new Omni-Channel Logistics division provides a Global eCommerce solution for brand owners, retailers and e-tailers, combined with eCommerce website design expertise and innovative business software that enables you to exceed customer expectations at every level. 

Customer expectations are higher now than they have ever been and if a business struggles to meet these, their customers may never return. Ecommerce excellence requires the whole package, from your site to your service to your delivery.

Built around a network of multi-user logistics sites in the US, Asia and Europe, our global eCommerce fulfillment offering allows e-tailers and retailers to outsource their entire eCommerce-focused global fulfillment and international logistics to us.

We offer:

  1. Global fulfillment
  2. Global delivery management
  3. Global returns solutions
  4. eCommerce development and design

Defining Omni-Channel Logistics

Omni-channel retailing enables you to deliver a consistent brand experience to consumers, regardless of the sales channel - so whether a customer uses mobile, web, retail or a catalogue, they will always receive a seamless service. The key is consolidation – but to operate as a whole, rather than in sales channel silos, you need a consolidated supply chain strategy. 

What Makes Our Omni-Channel Logistics Service Unique?

The SEKO Omni-Channel Logistics division unites a complete shipping, logistics and distribution solution with eCommerce website design expertise and innovative business software including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) and Transport Management Systems (TMS).

Our clients span from global multi-channel retailers right through to niche brands and product owners requiring small scale or specialised ecommerce logistics. By enlisting a dedicated logistics team, these retailers are left free to concentrate on their brand, product range, purchasing and sales whilst we integrate with their sales order management systems and deliver products from anywhere to everywhere - and back again.



Our Global eCommerce fulfillment offering is built around a network of multi-user logistics sites in every major eCommerce market - spanning the entire globe, and acting as ‘anchors’ to allow our clients to confidently implement a seamless solution in new territories and across channels.

The SEKO Service

  • Consistent customer experience – the same stylish experience across web, mobile and retail channels
  • Connectivity - so all parts of your eCommerce system communicate seamlessly
  • Visibility - to track inventory and availability in real-time
  • Flexibility - to dynamically schedule deliveries and select shipment methods
  • Delivery - direct to your customer, with integrated back-end tracking and reporting
  • Seamless internal integration -so online orders and returns can be managed alongside existing retail channels 

Enterprise-Wide Product and Inventory Database

A single integration is required with your sales order management systems for us to provide real-time warehouse management across all stock locations, making the move to omni-channel retailing not only simpler but also more affordable.

Dynamic Supply Chain Software

SEKO Supply Chain Management facilitates buy online/pick-up in store fulfillment, which is the largest sales growth opportunity for retailers, e-tailers and brands today. Our SCM also integrates upstream (to factory) purchase order and inventory in-transit control with consumer demand patterns, to prevent stock-outs and improve your full margin intake.


Everything we do is focused on making our customers' lives easier and helping them to develop and maintain excellent relationships with their own customers.

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