SEKO Logistics Appoints Terence Madl as Vice President Network Development

May 11 2016

Terence Madl has joined SEKO Logistics as Vice President Network Development to help accelerate its growth in the United States.

He previously spent 10 years at AIT Worldwide Logistics, including six as Director of Corporate Development, and prior to joining SEKO was responsible for domestic and international operations at Perimeter Global Logistics in Itasca, Illinois.         

At SEKO Logistics, his prime objective is to recruit Strategic Partners in new markets of the U.S. These may be existing independent companies looking to join forces with SEKO to expedite their growth or individuals that recognise the potential to open a new SEKO location in their local market and want to offer their customers the benefits of award-winning technology, working with a growing global brand, and the highest operational standards.  

Based in Chicago, Terence is also responsible for working closely with SEKO’s current Strategic Partners to maximize growth opportunities.

“The quality and growth of our client base, our unique suite of customizable technology solutions, and our reputation as one of the most innovative global logistics providers mean we have a large number of companies and individuals that want to become part of the SEKO network. Terry will be responsible for helping us select partners who not only offer the best growth potential but who will also provide the service quality our customers expect when they do business with SEKO. We are actively seeking new business partners to help us take SEKO to the next level, and Terry is the perfect fit to help us achieve our network recruitment goals.  We also see significant opportunities to achieve further growth with our existing Strategic Partners as we continue to develop the range of solutions we can offer,” stated William J. Wascher, CEO of SEKO Logistics.


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