Asset Management Solutions

When you have demonstration equipment, tradeshow displays or other reusable, high value parts moving around the world, you still need to manage and measure those assets as if they were stocked inventory sitting in your warehouse.

Our asset management technology and services give you the ability to track all of your valuable inventory in the field using our mobile WMS or Asset Management technology.

We also provide Asset Recovery services. With some high value equipment, what goes out doesn’t always come back. When your demo equipment comes back with missing parts, or doesn’t come back at all, SEKO’s Asset Recovery service tracks down and returns your assets, saving you money and headaches.

Demonstration Equipment Logistics Management

For the retail, medical, technology, government, displays and marketing sectors, we provide demonstration equipment logistics management services with SEKO Asset Management. The asset based logistics technology gives you visibility into your key assets out in the field, while we manage the logistics and transportation for your secure and high value products that are used for demos with your clients.

SEKO Event Management

Event Management is an additional feature to assist with the scheduling and communication of demos and temporary installations of your products as an add-on to Asset Management. Event Management gives you the ability to load contacts, send change notifications when demos are rescheduled, and to display and export Gantt charts for all of your field operations related to product being transported throughout the world.

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