SEKO specializes in best in class, time-definite healthcare logistics solutions for medical device manufacturers, biotechnology, clinical trials and pharmaceutical companies. We are widely recognized as supply chain experts in the medical device industry, and we focus exclusively on this sector.

Medical Industry Logistics 

SEKO provides careful transportation of your medical, surgical, diagnostic and imaging equipment, as well as your pharmaceutical products, clinical trials and samples. Our combination of specialist healthcare logistics resources makes us uniquely qualified to become a trusted partner for any healthcare organization:

  • Dedicated compliance-based program management and site audits
  • In-house developed real-time technology
  • Highly trained staff and state of the art facilities
  • Regional warehouse infrastructure and transport network
  • Flexible capacity for surface, air, ocean and multi-modal transport
  • Quality Management System - ISO: 13485 and 9001
  • 24/7 customer service for surgical material and equipment support 



Our full suite of medical services includes general transportation, return materials authorization, engineering/design and hub processes for a wide range of medical device categories. Click the arrow for the full list.

SEKO can set up, deploy and handle your demonstration equipment, finished goods installations and return material authorization logistics – all delivered via a comprehensive suite of customized IT solutions, MedTec certified 3PL warehouses and an Air Ride Network.

Our logistics program includes: 

  • Regional hubs and control towers
  • Clean rooms for servicing and repair
  • Finished goods installations
  • Return material authorization/reverse logistics
  • Asset management and recovery
  • Asset Event Management software
  • Inventory management
  • Contract manufacturing support
  • Established SOPs and KPI metrics reporting
  • Technical and engineering service support
  • Reverse logistics for pharmaceutical recalls
  • Evaluation, design and production of crating and packaging

Pharmaceutical Logistics

We also have more than 25 years of pharmaceutical and biotechnology logistics experience - enabling us to offer a value-added pharmaceutical sample delivery program, coupled with full-scale trade/revenue logistics services, which meet all of the required industry standards. We can service both ambient and cold chain transportation around the globe – and with our GPS technology, you can also see where your products are at any time, whether they are for clinical trial or trade distribution.

Office Location


SEKO MedTec is headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA, and also owns a new European Control Center in Ireland, allowing medical organizations throughout the US, Canada and Europe to benefit from a top-class delivery system. 

Medical Network

We have 400+ best-in-class, highly qualified network teams, giving you multiple options in major cities to ensure flexible capabilities, capacity and scheduling. Our teams all meet SEKO’s stringent qualification standards and carrier certification process – with a Network Manager, a Network Training Manager and a Quality Manager on each team.

Enabling Lean Initiatives

SEKO continually drives cost out of your supply chain. For example through:

  • Regional optimization of trial inventory
  • Activity management system for streamlined communications
  • Installation and de-installation support services
  • Specialized technical services such as decontamination and maintenance
  • Compliance and quality management
  • Automated questionnaires for program evaluation
  • MedTec regional hubs which can be used as meeting and training centers
  • Crate design, build, repair and retrofitting capabilities


Rob Shearer

SEKO MedTec Solutions’ Managing Director, Rob Shearer, has been with SEKO for over a decade, accelerating its business growth in both the US and Europe. 

He oversees SEKO MedTec's operations and procedures, logistics infrastructure and procurement. Earlier in his career, Rob spent 9 years in a senior management role at ACS Logistics before joining SEKO, where over a 15-year period he has held various posts at VP levels. 


Everything we do is focused on making our customers' lives easier and helping them to develop and maintain excellent relationships with their own customers.

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