SEKO supplies Global aerospace logistics services from aircraft manufacturing logistics support to both civilian and military aircraft operations and fulfillment logistics services. Regardless of the size of the engine or the same day transportation requirements you may have, SEKO's Aerospace Logistics division can help you manage your vendors and meet tight deadlines anywhere in the world.

Global Aerospace Logistics Solutions

We operate around the clock call centers to support the 24/7 demands of the aerospace industry. We are always open and available, for your urgent requirements, AOG aviation solutions or for regular Global procurement of parts and supplies. Our Aerospace logistics abilities cover passenger, cargo and defense aircraft sectors.

Global Aircraft Manufacturing Support

SEKO supports the entire aircraft manufacturing supply chain, from sourcing and procurement to aerospace parts replenishment. Our aviation logistics network of facilities works around the clock to ensure timely product deliveries around the world. 

Supplier Management

The supply chain for aircraft manufacturing continues to become more complex, and as the number of vendors increase with each passing year, it is more crucial now than ever to have systems in place to manage your suppliers. Our technology gives you the visibility to measure the performance of your suppliers against your purchase orders, delivery schedules and production deadlines.


First UK ‘Centre of Excellence’

We have just opened our first Aerospace & Aviation ‘Centre of Excellence’ at Farnborough Airport, to deliver logistics solutions for companies serving global customers in the sector. 

Aviation Logistics

SEKO provides Global aviation logistics support for critical and regular movements of parts, spares, equipment and more. Our experienced staff understand the complexities and demands of your industry, and we are available at all hours of the day to help keep your aircraft operations running.

AOG Services - there is no more critical time for logistics than when an aircraft is grounded and needed a replacement part that could be in another part of the world. SEKO maintains 24/7 operations all year long to support Aircraft On Ground (AOG) requests, even during holidays.

MRO Services - for regular maintenance, repair and overhaul operations support, we help aviation suppliers and airlines with order fulfillment, transportation and inventory management services

Hospitality - SEKO provides global product replenishment support for airlines around the world, from consumables to equipment, we can facilitate the delivery wherever your aircraft are located.

Air Charters

When an aircraft engine or oversized parts need to be shipped, we can help provide you with a multitude of air charter options anywhere in the world.



SEKO helps aerospace defense contractors and aid and relief organizations with Global logistics support. We have trained staff in many locations around the world to help facilitate full compliance in the transportation of your highly sensitive products.


Everything we do is focused on making our customers' lives easier and helping them to develop and maintain excellent relationships with their own customers.

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