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Global returns present both challenges and opportunities for brand owners, e-tailers and retailers. Not having a global returns solution can be a major impediment for sales, especially in cross-border growth

However, when paired with the experience and expertise of SEKO’s return solutions, those roadblocks are removed to give you a global solution with the opportunity to monetise returns charges to your customers.

Our best-in-class system, coupled with our deep expertise in the first-mile carrier returns, warehouse processing and international repatriation logistics/carrier process, paired with our award-winning, in-house technology, is specifically designed to reduce cost, provide end-to-end shipment visibility and impeccable customer experience. This innovative, cloud-based platform enables your customers to see the complete lifecycle of a return – a frictionless solution that encourages brand loyalty and a consistent consumer experience..

OmniRPS is SEKO’s Global returns operating platform that delivers complete transparency of the returns process across every aspect of the supply chain. This solution provides sellers with:

  • Visibility from label creation to stock re-entering at the e-tailer/retailer warehouse.

  • In-country returns carriers and processing hubs in major ecommerce hubs around the world to get sellers closer to consumers at lower cost.

  • Complete Global customs compliance and repatriation services.

  • Multiple consumer engagement methods - from portal access, to Application Programming Interface (API) access, to carrier labels - enabling sellers to control the returns journey in line with their supply chain strategy.

  • The ability to automate customer refunds or store credits at the key milestones of 1st carrier scan anywhere in the world, processed within the SEKO hub, or on the management dashboard.

  • A multi-language portal offering various carriers, free or paid returns options, pre-printed labels on dispatch, or API access.



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